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  • We delivered our report a week earlier than promised, to be responsive to an important management meeting to decide the future of a new product.

“Thank you.  This is tremendously helpful. Appreciate your speedy response.  You guys are the best in client service!” 

  • Client needed top-line for decisions Monday.  Data was available Friday.  When I sent the full report to client Monday morning I wrote “I hate toplines.  So I decided to write the whole report over the weekend instead.  You know me.  Once I sink my teeth into data, I can’t let go!”  The result was a more informed decision than would have been possible with “superficial” topline.  The colorful response from the client: 

“This is fantastic!!! You are a Research ROCK STAR!”

  • Although not requested, after analyzing and reporting on the data, NRI formulated some hypotheses and ran additional multivariate analyses which uncovered some “hidden gems”.   Client was not charged for this added analysis and was pleasantly surprised to receive an addendum to our report.

 “Thank you for this.  It is very helpful!!!!!!  You are SO proactive.”

  • A marketing director of a division after he received additional tabulations and analyses he requested:

“Thank you all.  This is exactly what I was hoping to be able get re: quality/type of data.”

  • A client at the completion of a very complicated project:

“NRI partners:  I cannot thank you enough for your incredible partnership.  I sincerely appreciate that you make me feel like I’m your only client.  You have become an extension of my team.  Have I said how much I appreciate and enjoy working with you?!!!!!

Thank YOU”

  • A thank you from an appreciative client:

“My team was exceptionally pleased with how the project was handled: the quality of the work, the competitive pricing, the speed with which you conducted the work and your proactive nature throughout.

I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues in MRD and use you again!”

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