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Before Using Significance Tester – Click here for instructions

Click here for your Significance Tester! *You must have Excel to run this program*


Easy testing of significance using an Excel spreadsheet.
Programmed by Nelson Research, Inc.



Creative ideas can result from intuition.  But the frequency of creative ideas is greatly improved by incorporating some discipline.  NRI’s approach to brainstorming provides an organized approach to idea generation which can be easily transposed to fit your product category.

Estimating and Understanding Volume Opportunities

If your STM’s raise more questions then they answer, NRI’s approach incorporates an intense analysis to uncover opportunities for improvement at a fraction of the costs demanded by “big name” companies.

Statistical Modules

Have you ever heard of the Latin Square test design?  It can enhance the power of your analyses.  And, have you ever been asked to explain Multiple Regression?  These topics and more are in our Statistical Modules.

An Enriched Approach for Analyzing Employee Studies

Want to know what’s on the mind of the people you depend on?  Look at our employee study approach.

The Use and Abuse of Marketing Research

I’ve been told that this document shows many examples of why the first word in marketing research is “marketing”.

Controlling Bias

Bias is not a dirty word. Learn why.

Lapsed Users

Have you optimized your user base before trying to get new ones?  NRI has a process to help.


Norms are too often used as a crutch and can be misleading.  Learn an alternative way to identify effective concepts or ads by looking at our approach to concept testing.

Package Testing

Our process is easy, quick, inexpensive and loaded with diagnostics.

NRI Social Media

Are you drowning in data?  Maybe we can help.

*The search feature is currently under construction*


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